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Meet The Founders: Paola and Gustavo

My name is Paola Scarano and I would like to welcome you to Maria Poppins Nursery and  Preschool. I run the nursery with my husband, Gustavo. 


As a founder, my core values are simple: love, care, and education.


With over 15 years of experience in childcare, I am passionate about working with children with safety, education, health, and fun as my primary principles. I am a warm and dedicated carer who uses London widely for educational outings and entertainment.

Our Story:


From a young age, I have always known that I wanted to work with children. My journey began after leaving school while studying History at university, with a focus on Primary schools - Childcare and Education.

We moved from Rio to London in December 2007, where we decided to settle down and build our lives together. Due to our relocation, I had to change plans and, over the following 8 years, I worked as a nanny in diverse home settings.

I absolutely loved being a nanny during this time, along with the teaching element that comes with the role. Having worked as a nanny with many families, I understood what an emotional roller-coaster it can be to find the right person to look after our little ones.


As my passion grew stronger, I decided to take on a new challenge and become a certified childminder. Being a childminder combines a bit of gentle caring and teaching, both of which I believe to go hand in hand. Embracing this fully felt like the right step forward, as the lifestyle would fit in well with our plans to have our own children later in life.

I have since gained a deep understanding of the Early Years Foundation Stage, allowing me to teach and help children.

Now at this stage of life, I feel equipped and secure enough to provide the best childcare needs, in nurturing nursery environments.


Our beautiful, carefully planned settings and premium facilities promote exploration, curiosity, and creativity - feel free to check them out!

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